Friday, February 26, 2010

Mermelada de Guayaba

When my husband's mother came to visit us from Cuba, she brought a can of guava marmalade with her. Yes, a tin can of marmalade. Seems like somethings wrong with this picture, a can? of marmalade? A jar sure, but a can? Turns out in cuban (ok, so maybe spanish) marmalade isn't really a jelly, it's more like a syrup.

My husband was super excited, he opened the can and ate the stuff with a spoon. He also eats condensed milk with saltines, so i thought maybe this was one of his weird cuban things. However, one of my friends recently went to Costa Rica and came back raving about this guava syrupy stuff they served at her hotel. I'd been on the lookout for cans of "marmelade" for my husband, so i doubled my efforts, curious to find something for both husband and friend.

I'm a big fan of guava juice from time to time, so i decided to try the guava jelly i found in the spanish aisle at the super market. It's tasty, but definitely not what husband and friend were talking about. Then i stumbled upon this in the peanut butter and jelly aisle at Stop & Shop, and it's delicious! Husband doesn't eat it with a spoon since it's still a little too spreadable, but it's DELICOUS! Bought some for friend, and she agrees that it's very much like what she was eating in Costa Rica... not quite as syrupy, but same flavor. It's great on toast, or in any combination with cheese (popular cuban dessert: chunks of guava paste with chunks of cream cheese, great flavor, but i have trouble just eating chunks of cream cheese!).

Try some! The brand's website is weird, but like i said, i get mine at Stop & Shop (and it seems to be slightly cheaper there too... though not cheap, a little under $5 for a smallish jar, but it's worth it!)

PS - the real cuban thing would definitely not say "no sugar added", maybe that's the real reason husband isn't eating this stuff with a spoon?

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